About Dr Hendrickse

Dr Chevaan Hendrickse is an interventional cardiologist - a branch of cardiology that deals specifically with the catheter-based treatment of heart diseases.

He began his career at the prestigious University of Cape Town, where he graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences with Honours. He then went on to complete his community service, spending six months at G.F. Jooste Emergency Hospital and six months at Khayelitsha Site B, before completing an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Course in 2005. Following the course, he spent some time at Site B Community Health Clinic, which is currently at the forefront of community-based HIV and TB Medicine.

Dr Hendrickse then moved on to become a Medical Officer in Radiation Oncology in 2006 - 2008. Essentially converting to the speciality of internal medicine - completing the FCPSA, he then commenced a super specialisation in cardiology, developing a special interest in interventional cardiology. He completed the Certificate of Cardiology training in 2013 and then moved to private practice where he has grown from strength to strength.

His main fields of expertise involve complex, high-risk intervention, rotablation, pacing and cardiac resynchronisation therapy. Evolving interests include transcatheter valve interventions.

Dr Hendrickse is currently practicing as a Cardiologist at Vincent Palloti Hospital. He travels internationally in the pursuit of skills and techniques to best optimise his clinical practice. When he is not abroad, practicing or conducting research, Dr Hendrickse enjoys Paddle-Skiing, Surfing, Fine-Art and Astronomy.

Dr Hendrickse’s main stream of focus is the area of complex, high-risk intervention, using various techniques such as rotablation. Most of his interventional work is via the radial artery (arm) approach, but when necessary, via the femoral artery route (leg).